Tamilnadu Road Sector Project

Government of Tamil Nadu, realising the need to extend the benefits of development to the villages of Tamil Nadu, decided to select the stretches of roads in 23 corridors for widening and strengthening to two lanes.

This project aims to bring about all-round development with road infrastructure as base. It has been decided to take up this project in Phases.

Earlier, the East Coast Road from Chennai to Cuddalore for 166 Km via Pondicherry was improved to two lane facility with Asian Development Bank loan of US $ 24.47 Million in 1993 - 1998. This resulted in benefits to the people in the coastal region. This project is a part of East Coast Road from Chennai to Kanyakumari for 732 Km. Hence coastal road from Nagapattinam to Tuticorin has been selected as Phase I. The other corridors have been selected in Phase IA and Phase IB to give equal importance to roads in different regions.

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